Kerala cannabis worth over Rs. 27 million street value held in Mannar

The Navy managed to recover over 91kg of Kerala cannabis during a special operation carried out in seas off Walaipadu, Mannar and at its beach on 24th September 2021. The consignment had been left behind at Walaipadu beach by smugglers, fear of naval operations in the area.

Upon detection of 02 traditional boats (Wallam) arriving at the Walaipadu beach in the morning of 24th September, SLNS Buwaneka in the North Central Naval Command deployed Cedric Boats Z 190 and Z 227 in a special search in the sea area. As a result of the presence of the Navy, the 02 traditional boats had been abandoned at the beach and the Navy was able to recover about 04kg and 395g of Kerala cannabis (in 02 packages) from those boats. Accordingly, the 02 boats and Kerala cannabis were taken into naval custody.

Meanwhile, a further search in Walaipadu beach area carried out by the Navy led to the recovery of 86kg and 956g of Kerala cannabis concealed in bushes nearby and the consignment was found in 39 packages contained in 05 sacks. Incidentally, about 91kg and 351g of Kerala cannabis attempted to be smuggled in was taken hold of during this entire operation.

Meanwhile, the street value of the stock of Kerala cannabis held in this operation is believed to be over Rs. 27 million.

The operation was carried out adhering to COVID-19 protocols to prevent the transmission of the pandemic. Meanwhile, the amount of Kerala cannabis (about 04kg and 395g) held from 02 traditional boats, was handed over to the Jayapuram Police for onward legal action. Further, the stock of Kerala cannabis (86kg and 956g) recovered from the Walaipadu beach will be set on fire and destroyed. The 02 traditional boats have been retained in naval custody until they are produced for onward legal action.