Navy acts with alacrity to bring ashore injured fisherman in high seas

The Navy dispatched Sri Lanka Naval Ship (SLNS) 'Sayurala' to bring ashore a seriously injured fisherman aboard a local multi-day fishing trawler. The fisherman sustained the injury following an accident, while in high seas about 610 nautical miles (1129km) off Great Basses Lighthouse, southeast of the island. Having brought the injured fisherman to Hambantota harbour, he was rushed to the Hambantota hospital for treatment by the Navy today (18th July 2021).

Leaving from the Galle fisheries harbour on 29th June 2021, the multi-day fishing trawler ‘SGS' (Registration No. IMUL-A-0878 GLE) was on a fishing voyage with 06 fishermen aboard. Following an accident while at sea, one of the crew members suffered an open wound to his stomach area and the circumstances were disseminated by the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources to the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC Colombo) established at Navy Headquarters.

Responding to the request for assistance, Sri Lanka Navy sent out SLNS 'Sayurala' to the sea area where the multi-day fishing trawler was lying and retrieved the patient to Sayurala around 0700 hrs on 17th July. Administering him with first aid, the injured fisherman was brought to the Hambantota harbour this morning (18th July). Thereupon, he was rushed to the Hambantota General Hospital for further treatment.

Remaining true to its bounden duty, Sri Lanka Navy stands ready to respond to this nature of eventualities around the clock, with a view to assist naval and fishing community in distress in Sri Lanka’s Search and Rescue Region.