Four (04) Indian fishing vessels in Sri Lankan waters repatriated by Navy

By virtue of special patrols being conducted to prevent people from entering Sri Lankan waters by illegal means, the Navy was able to prevent 40 individuals aboard 04 Indian fishing vessels, from their attempt to enter into Sri Lankan waters on 29th May 2021.

Sri Lanka Navy has stepped up security in the island’s waters by increasing 24-hour patrols, as there is a risk of the surge in the transmission of COVID 19 pandemic in the country due to attempts made by foreigners to arrive into the island via sea routes. In a similar patrol carried out in the seas north of Mannar, the North Central Naval Command managed to intercept these 04 Indian fishing vessels along with 40 individuals. Thereupon, the group of individuals who have attempted to enter into Sri Lankan waters were repatriated to their home waters along with their fishing vessels.

Meanwhile, the Navy remains vigilant and continues to increase surveillance in Sri Lankan waters to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country by sea.