A stock of smuggled contraband held in seas off Sawariyapuram

During a special search operation carried out in the seas off Sawariyapuram, Silawathura on 29th November 2020, the Navy was able to nab 02 suspects attempting to smuggle an assortment of contraband into the country.

In this special operation conducted in the seas off Sawariyapuram, the Northwestern Naval Command had spotted a suspicious dinghy in which this stock of contraband was found. The consignment of contraband attempted to be smuggled into the island included 11750 tablets of controlled drug ‘Tramadol Hydrochloride’, 944 boxes of cigarette rolling paper, 02 mobile phones and 01 wireless headset. Further, the 02 suspects involved in this racket along with the dinghy used to transfer contraband were also held by the Navy.

The operation was carried out as per health and safety regulations imposed by health authorities as COVID-19 precautionary measures. The accused held during this operation were identified as residents of Sawariyapuram, Silawathura, aged 21. Meanwhile, the suspects along with the seized items were handed over to the Parayanakulam Police STF for onward investigation.