Navy seizes stock of Kerala cannabis worth over Rs. 31 million with 06 suspects

Special operations conducted by Sri Lanka Navy led to the seizure of over 106kg of Kerala cannabis and apprehension of six (06) suspects across the island.

Northern Naval Command during a special search operation carried out in the beach area of Madagalthurei today (10th November) managed to recover over 100kg of Kerala cannabis in a suspicious dinghy abandoned in fear of naval operations. The recovered haul of Kerala cannabis, attempted to be smuggled by racketeers, was stuffed in 10 packages which were contained in 04 gunny sacks. Meanwhile, operations are currently underway in search of the suspects involved in this racketeering.

In a separate development, the North Central Naval Command nabbed 03 suspects with 05kg and 907g of Kerala cannabis made ready to be sold, during separate operations conducted in Puthukkudiyiruppu and Erukkulampiddi, Mannar on 01st and 08th November. Apart from that, two more (02) persons were held with 04g and 650mg of heroin during two separate operations conducted in Mannar and Thoddaveli areas.

Further, Sri Lanka Coast Guard combined with Monaragala Excise Station to arrest a suspect (01) for possession of 03kg and 600g of local cannabis in Kudaoya, Thanamalwila, during another special search operation. The value of the total stock of Kerala cannabis seized by these operations alone is expected to exceed Rs. 31 million. Meanwhile, all these anti-drug operations were carried out adhering to safety and health guidelines stipulated by authorities for the prevention of COVID-19 pandemic.

The accused held during these operations were identifies as residents of Mannar, Erukkulampiddi, Tharapuram and Kudaoya areas, from 19 to 56 years of age. Meanwhile, the suspects along with the narcotic substances were handed over to the Police stations of Mannar and Ilavalai as well as Monaragala Excise Station for onward legal action.