Navy renders assistance to save pod of whales stranded on Panadura Beach

Sri Lanka Navy and Sri Lanka Coast Guard sprang in to action on 02nd November 2020 to save a pod of whales beached on Panadura area and send them back into deep seas.

On Monday evening (02nd November), around 100 whales were reported beaching on the Panadura Beach. Responding promptly to the situation the Navy partnered with Sri Lanka Coast Guard lifesaving teams, Police lifesavers, volunteer lifeguards and residents to get this special operation underway. The mission was augmented by 30 naval personnel, an Inshore Patrol Craft, a group of 30 Coast Guard personnel, lifesaving boat, 06 naval personnel attached to the Rapid Response Relief and Rescue Unit, Kalutara along with 02 lifesaving boats.

On the request of Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Nishantha Ulugetenne, Jetskis provided by a local water sports club were utilized to pull these sea mammals back into the ocean throughout the day. Meanwhile, the Department of Wildlife Conservation is currently conducting further investigations into four (04) dead whales.

This species of whales have been identified as ‘Short-Finned Pilots’ and it is believed that they have beached in an unfortunate manner as a result of the pod following a desperate whale that lost its course.

The Sri Lanka Police also launched a special operation to prevent people from gathering at the beach to watch the whales due to the concerns of COVID -19 pandemic in the country.