Navy assists apprehension of 03 suspects with drugs worth over Rs. 29 million

The Navy managed to collar 03 suspects and seizure of 98kg and 715g of Kerala cannabis and 950mg of Crystal Methamphetamine (ICE) worth over Rs. 29 million, during operations carried out in the previous week.

During a special operation conducted by the Northern Naval Command on October 29 off the Kovilam lighthouse in Karainagar, a suspicious dinghy was spotted dropping several sacks into water and escaping from the scene towards Casurina Beach , as the Navy was about to search the dinghy. Subsequent search operations by the Navy led to the seizure of the evading dinghy left at the Casurina Beach and recovery of 04 sacks full of 82kg and 450g Kerala cannabis (in wet weight) from the same sea area. Further investigation is currently underway in search of the owner of the dinghy seized by the Navy.

Meanwhile, the North Central Naval Command in coordination with the Mannar Police STF nabbed a suspect who was peddling 04kg and 450g of Kerala cannabis by a motorbike, during a special search operation conducted in Puthukudiyiruppu, Mannar on 26th October. Along with the suspect, the stock of cannabis and the motorbike were also held by the raiding party. During a search operation, the Navy was able to find a package containing 01kg and 765g Kerala cannabis hidden in bushes in Urumalai area, Talaimannar. In another search operation in Naruvilikkulam, the Navy managed to recover 03 more packages stuffed with 10kg and 50g of Kerala cannabis as well.

Elsewhere in Urani, Velvettithurai, the Northern Naval Command combined with Velvettithurai Police to carry out a search and apprehended 02 suspects with 950mg of Crystal Methamphetamine hidden in a house on 25th October.

Further, it is believed that the street value of the Kerala cannabis stock seized by the Navy during operations in the last week alone is around Rs. 29.61 million.

The accused held during these separate operations were identified as residents of Point Pedro, Urani and Kalpitiya, from 34 to 39 years of age. Further, the apprehended suspects along with narcotic substances and other items were handed over to the Kayts, Talaimannar, Vankalai and Velvettithurai Police stations for onward legal action. All these operations were conducted adhering to strict health and safety guidelines stipulated by authorities to arrest the spread of COVID – 19.