Navy renders assistance to collar 12 suspects with heroin, Kerala and local cannabis

Special operations carried out by the Navy with the assistance of Police from 17th to 22nd October 2020 across the island, led to the apprehension of 12 suspects with heroin as well as Kerala and local cannabis.

Incidentally, 03 suspects, believed to have connections to the smuggled consignment of over 200kg of Kerala cannabis seized by the North Central Naval Command and Police Division Vice Branch, Mannar in Oluthuduwai on 18th October, were apprehended during a special operation worked out by the North Central Naval Command and Mannar Police in Karisal and Urumalai areas on 21st October. The apprehended persons had another 13kg and 500g of Kerala cannabis in their possession as the apprehension was made.

Meanwhile, the Northern Naval Command during a special operation on 22nd October seized 82kg of Kerala cannabis (in wet weight) attempted to be smuggled into the island, in the sea area off Point Pedro. Along with the consignment, 03 suspects and a dinghy (01) were also detained by the Navy. In another search operation on 21st October, the Northern Naval Command was able to recover about 41kg and 500g of Kerala cannabis in a gunny sack stashed in bushes on the beach road leading from Karainagar to Maradapuram.

Further, the Southern Naval Command and Hambantota Police also managed to arrest 03 individuals in possession of 02g and 428mg of heroin, during coordinated operations conducted in the village of Suchi and Gabada Junction, Hambantota on 17th and 21st October. Meanwhile, the North Central Naval Command and Mannar Police nabbed another individual (01) with 340g of heroin on Moor Street in Mannar on 19th October. Moreover, the same Naval Command in coordination with Mannar Police held a woman (01) for passion of 720mg of heroin in Eluthoor, Mannar on 22nd October. Apart from that Sri Lanka Coast Guard, with the assistance of Katharagama STF, arrested a suspect (01) transferring 03kg of local cannabis by a motorbike, during a coordinated search carried out in Thanamalwila area on 22nd October.

The suspects detained during these separate operations along with narcotic substances in their possession were identified as residents of Mannar, Thalaidy, Alvai, Hambantota, Urumalai and Thanamalwila areas, aged 17 to 58. The accused along with seized narcotic substances were handed over to the Mannar, Point Pedro, Kayts, Hambantota and Lunugamwehera Police stations for onward legal action.