Navy seizes stock of Kerala cannabis in northern seas

The Navy in coordination with Sri Lanka Coast Guard seized over 111kg stock of Kerala cannabis, during a special operation conducted in the sea area off Madagalthurei, Jaffna on 11th October 2020.

The Northern Naval Command and Sri Lanka Coast Guard, after having spotted a suspicious dinghy heading ashore from the International Maritime Boundary Line, was prepared to search the suspicious dinghy. On this occasion it was detected that several packages being jettisoned from the dinghy and it was speeding off from the location. Subsequently, the suspicious dinghy was pursued by the Navy and it was found abandoned at the beach of Madagalthurei. During further search in the sea area, the Navy also managed to recover 05 floating packages which contained about 111kg and 550g of Kerala cannabis, in small packs.

It is believed that the suspects might have escaped from the scene abandoning the stock of Kerala cannabis, being unable to smuggle it into the island, as well as the dinghy, in fear of naval operations. Meanwhile, the Navy and Ilavalei Police are conducting further operations in search of the suspects.

Moreover, all apprehended items during this operation were subjected to thorough disinfection, adhering to the COVID-19 prevention guidelines. Further, the stock of Kerala cannabis and the dinghy were handed over to the Ilavalei Police in Jaffna for onward investigation.