Navy renders assistance to clear blockages under Wakwella and Dodamgoda Bridges

The Navy is continuously supporting in the removal of obstructions at old narrow bridges of Dodangoda and Wakwella over Gin Ganga, caused by the heavy rainfall. Incidentally, naval personnel yet again sprang into action to remove debris collected under the Dodamgoda and Wakwella Bridges in Galle and cleared obstructions to the flow of the Gin Ganga at those locations.

As a result of numerous reasons such as heavy rainfall in the catchment areas of the main and tributaries of the Gin Ganga, improper dumping of garbage in riverine areas and felling of trees and bamboo bushes, the rising water level of the river traps such debris at the Wakwella and Dodamgoda Bridges, obstructing the gradual flow of river water. Remaining vigilant to such developments often, a group of naval personnel from the Southern Naval Command was recently dispatched to the two locations and they restored the swift downstream of water, after clearing the obstructions under both bridges.

This year alone, the Navy has removed woody debris under the Wakwella and Dodamgoda Bridges on nine occasions, preventing possible flood risks in the area. Meanwhile, the Navy stands ready to respond to all eventualities that would occur in the future as well.