Navy apprehends group of individuals engaged in illegal fishing

During search operations conducted in Northern and North Central Naval Commands in the past week, naval personnel apprehend a group of individuals along with their fishing gear for engaging in illegal fishing.

Accordingly, the North Central Naval Command, during operations in the sea areas north of Talaimannar, Kuduirrippu and Palleimunai apprehended 25 persons engaged in fishing with unauthorized nets. Along with the suspects 06 dinghies, unauthorized nets and over 1,750kg of illegally caught fish were held by the Navy. In another operation conducted in Vankalai sea area, the Navy nabbed 05 persons who were scuba-diving without valid licence. The operation also led to the seizure of 02 dinghies and several diving gear.

Meanwhile, the Northern Naval Command during a special search carried out in the Old Casurina Beach area in Karainagar, collared 02 individuals while transferring 02 sea turtles alive by a three-wheeler.

The apprehended persons have been identified as residents of Talaimannar, Mannar and Karainagar, aged from 21 to 60. The accused along with seized items were handed over to the Assistant Director and Fisheries Inspector of Mannar and Kayts Police.