Navy assists apprehension of 05 suspects with heroin and Kerala cannabis

Operations conducted by the Navy with Police and Police STF at Shanthipuram in Mannar, Jinnapuram in Pulmoddai, Richmond Hill and railway station in Galle in the past couple of days led to the apprehension of five (05) suspects with heroin and Kerala cannabis.

As such, North Central Naval Command with Police station vice branch Mannar apprehended a person for possession of 410mg of heroin for sale, during a search operation conducted at Shanthipuram in Mannar. Similarly, the Eastern Naval Command combined with Pulmoddai Police STF to nab a suspect with 200mg of heroin and a motorbike during a search carried out at Jinnapuram in Pulmoddai.

In a separate operation conducted by the Southern Naval Command together with Police STF-Hiyare, resulted in the apprehension of 03 suspects with 802g of Kerala cannabis and seizure of a motorbike.

The apprehended persons were identified as residents of Shanthipuram, Pulmoddai, Galle and Polonnaruwa areas, aged from 22 to 26. The accused along with seized items were handed over to the Police stations of Mannar and Pulmoddai and Excise Station in Galle.