Over 142kg stock of smuggled Kerala cannabis seized by Navy

During special search operations conducted in Northern and North Central Naval Commands on 09th and 10th September 2020, the Navy managed to seize over 142kg of Kerala cannabis.

After having spotted a suspicious dinghy in the sea area off Vaththirayan in Vettalakeni, the Northern Naval Command was able to apprehend a suspect onboard attempting to enter into the land at the Vaththirayan beach. As the apprehension was made, the Navy managed to recover 09 packages containing 43kg and 270g of Kerala cannabis concealed in the dinghy. Further, a suspect at the beach to take the delivery of Kerala cannabis was also held with a motorbike.

In another search operation, the North Central Naval Command found 98kg and 780g of Kerala cannabis stuffed in 24 packages hidden in shrubs by racketeers at Kaththalampiddi in Iluppukaddawai.

These operations conducted following the guidelines stipulated by health authorities for COVID-19 pandemic, led to the seizure of over 142kg of Kerala cannabis, a motorbike, a dinghy with 02 suspects. The apprehended persons have been identified as residents of Pesalei and Vaththirayan, aged 32 and 42. The accused along with seized items were handed over to the Palai and Illupukadawai Police stations for onward investigation.