Navy assists apprehension of 06 suspects in possession of heroin and Kerala cannabis

A series of coordinated search operations conducted by the Navy, Police and Police STF during the past few days had led to the apprehension of 06 suspects who were found in possession of heroin and Kerala cannabis.

Accordingly, a suspect with 5g of heroin and a mobile phone was collared during a search carried out in Kolonnawa area by naval personnel of the Western Naval Command, in coordination with STF personnel of Rajagiriya. Similarly, naval personnel attached to the Northwestern Naval Command together with the Puttalam Police nabbed 02 suspects for possession of 2g and 650mg of heroin in Puttalam. Along with the 02 suspects a motorbike and an electronic weighing scale were also held by the raiding party. Meanwhile, in another operation carried out with the Silawathura Police in Veppankulam area in Silawathura, the Northwestern Naval Command was able to apprehend a person with about 100g of Kerala cannabis.

Besides, naval personnel attached to the North Central Naval Command combining with the officials of Settikulam STF had apprehended a suspect with 4kg and 580g of Kerala cannabis, during a search in the locality of Uyilankulam. In the same vain, another suspect with approximately 450g of Kerala cannabis in possession had been nabbed by a group of naval personnel of the Eastern Naval Command with the assistance of Sardhapura Police STF, during a search carried out in Navachcholei area, Nilaveli.

The accused held in these separate operations were identified as persons of Wellampitiya, Puttalam, Silawathura, Uyilankulam and Kumburupiddi areas and ranged from 18 to 61 years of age. Meanwhile, the Wellampitiya, Puttalam, Silawathura, Mannar and Kuchchaveli Police stations are conducting further investigations with regard to the apprehended suspects, narcotic substances and rest of the items.