Navy finds explosive items used for illegal fishing in Erakkandi seas

The Navy, during a recent naval operation, recovered several explosive items, which are believed to be used in illegal fishing, floating in the sea area of Erakkandi in Trincomalee.

As the use of explosives in fishing deals a deadly blow on marine ecosystem and could deliver harmful results on individuals who use them, the Navy continues to be on the alert to prevent such destructive activities, through regular naval operations. In a similar operation, naval personnel attached to the Eastern Naval Command had recovered several explosive items, after having spotted them floating in the sea areas of Erakkandi and Pigeon Island. Among the explosive items recovered were 16 water gel sticks, 08 non electric detonators, 07 safety fuses in 4, 8 and 10 inches of length and another 5-foot-long safety fuse which were subsequently defused by the Navy’s Bomb Disposal Team, with care.

Moreover, the Navy will continue to carry out its operations to prevent explosive fishing practices, as they cause damaging impacts on the marine ecosystem as well as the fishing community in general.