Navy renders assistance to clear blockages under Wakwella and Dodamgoda bridges

The Navy recently rendered assistance to clear the blockages under the Wakwella and Dodamgoda bridges in Galle, as they were clogged with collection of remains, hampering the free flow of water.

The river water of Gin Ganga which brings heaps of tree remains, logs and other waste on a regular basis, had collected those under Wakwella and Dodamgoda bridges obstructing the downstream of water. Responding to this eventuality, a group of naval personnel attached to the Southern Naval Command was pressed into action to clear out the obstruction and restore the free flow of water under both bridges.

The prompt involvement of the Navy also helped avert a possible risk of flood in low-lying areas. Going beyond their call of duty, the Navy stands ready at all times to help communities, in unexpected turn of events.