Training of Trainers programme to implement nutrition policy and maintenance of BMI in SLN

A Training of Trainers (TOT) programme focused on educating naval personnel as how to prevent Non Communicable Disease (NCD) and guiding them for a healthy life, was held at the Admiral Somathilake Dissanayake Auditorium, Navy Headquarters on 16th and 17th December 2021.

About seventy (70) naval personnel from the Medical and Dental branches of the Navy were selected, from each naval command, for this timely programme. The aim of the programme is to empower all naval personnel, command-wise, on how to take measures to prevent NCD for healthy life by maintaining BMI.

The programme included informed lectures and interactive sessions to educate naval personnel on leading a healthy lifestyle to prevent NCD, as how to calculate own energy requirement to maintain daily activities and selection of food one needs to consume for healthy living.

The programme is scheduled to be commenced command-wise from January 2022. It will be done stage-wise, where in January naval personnel will be educated on NCD and prevention, in February about measuring of one’s energy requirement and finally in March as how to select appropriate food in right quantity.

This novel concept is initiated by the Health Directorate of the Sri Lanka Nay. An expert panel of specialized doctors in the field of clinical nutrition from the Ministry of Health participated the TOT programme under the supervision of Dr. Renuka Jayatissa, Consultant Medical Nutritionist, Head of the Department of Nutrition, MRI and President of Sri Lanka Medical Nutrition.