Navy renders assistance to reinstall floating boom washed away in Kelani river

Sri Lanka Navy rendered assistance to reinstall the floating boom that had been washed away in Kelani river on 18th May 2021. This floating boom which prevents floating debris from entering the water intake well had disintegrated following the rising water levels of the Kelani river during adverse weather condition prevailed in the past couple of days.

This special floating barrier of 320 feet in length has been installed to prevent debris and oily particles from entering the intake well of Ambathale Water Treatment Plant from the Kelani river. As the water level of the Kelani river rose recently, this floating boom had disintegrated and washed down about 400 meters of the river. The Navy promptly responding to the request from the National Water Supply and Drainage Board, rendered assistance to fix the floating boom by deploying a team of divers and Special Boat Squadron personnel attached to the Western Naval Command.

Accordingly, the Navy used Cedric Boats to fetch back the floating boom which had run downstream about 400 meters and reinstalled it at the point where water was taken into the Ambatale Water Treatment Plant.

Meanwhile, the Navy stands ready to respond to any form of disaster relief operation around the clock.