Navy fixes a defunct ferry connecting Punguduthivu and Nainativu

The ferry used by the Road Development Authority (RDA) to transport goods and passengers from Kurikattuwan Jetty of Punguduthivu Island to Nainativu Island in Jaffna was in a state of poor shape for several months and was recently fixed with the contribution of Sri Lanka Navy.

As this ferry had been in poor order for months, it also hampered the daily activities of the Nainativu islanders. Furthermore, this has been a major setback to the development work being carried out at the Nagadeepa Rajamaha Viharaya on the sidelines of the State Vesak Festival as well as the transportation of goods and machinery related to the road carpeting project on the Nainativu Island.

As the ferry was in non-operational condition, the supply requirements for development activities on Nainativu Island had to be made by Navy Landing Craft all the way from the Port of Kankesanthurai and it was not cost effective. Therefore, the Navy took note of the situation and repaired the defunct ferry under the supervision of the Engineering Department of the Northern Naval Command.

Further, the ramp of the ferry had collapsed into the sea near Nayanathivu Island, as it had fallen into decay over the years. As such, it was salvaged by Diving Unit in Northern Naval Command and fitted to the ferry after necessary repairs.

The Navy's efforts to get the ferry back to operational condition, with the intention of restoring the daily chores of the islanders, were highly praised by government officials and the general public in Jaffna. Moreover, this will also help in the efficient implementation of development activities on Nainativu Island in parallel to the state Vesak festival.