Indonesian Naval Ship arrives at port of Hambantota

The Indonesian Naval Ship “KRI Bung Tomo” arrived at the port of Hambantota for a two day formal visit today (05th February 2021). Sri Lanka Navy welcomed the ship in keeping with the time honoured naval tradition.

The ship which arrived in Hambantota today will remain in the island for two days. This Multi Role Light Frigate (MRLF) belongs to the Escort Squadron of Indonesian Navy 1st Fleet Command is a 95m long platform manned by a crew of 103.

Visits by foreign war ships signify the bonds amongst countries and it helps strengthen naval ties as well.

Meanwhile, the proceedings of the visit have been limited only to intended matters, owing to the health guidelines stipulated for the prevention of COVID-19. The ship is scheduled to depart the island on 06th February, on completion of the visit.