Forty two (42) individuals leave Boossa and Kalpitiya Naval Quarantine Centres

Forty two (42) individuals who were undergoing quarantine process at the Naval Quarantine Centres at Boossa Naval Base and in Kalpitiya area, left those centres upon completion of their quarantine process, on 25th and 26th July 2020.

Out of these forty two (42) individuals, forty one (41) persons have left the Naval Quarantine Centre in Boossa while one (01) person has left the Kalpitiya Naval Quarantine Centre. All these persons underwent a successful quarantine process and left the Naval Quarantine Centres in accordance with the government’s healthcare guidelines. The leaving persons were also given the quarantine certificate which is issued by the Navy, to confirm their successful completion of quarantine.

As of now, 529 persons have left the Boossa Naval Quarantine Centre and other 76 persons are undergoing quarantine process there. Meanwhile, 92 persons have left the Naval Quarantine Centre in Kalpitiya, whereas 27 more persons are still kept in quarantine there.