Three (03) persons nabbed for destroying mangrove shrubs

The Navy nabbed 03 persons for destroying mangrove shrubs, during a foot patrol conducted in Vankalai, Mannar on 17th July 2020.

Since mangrove forests are extremely productive ecosystems that provide numerous services both to the marine environment and people, the Navy has been vigilant for the protection of this incredibly important coastal resource.

Accordingly, naval personnel attached to the North Central Naval Command, during a foot patrol conducted in Vankalai area, apprehended 03 individuals who were destroying mangrove shrubs. The apprehended persons were identified as residents of the same area, aged 29, 41 and 51. The accused along with the remains of damaged mangroves were handed over to the Forest Office in Madu for onward investigation.

Sri Lanka Navy is conducting regular search operations in prevention of harmful acts to mangrove ecosystems by a handful of people giving scant regard towards their ecological value. Besides the Navy has been conducting a number of mangrove plantation project in their suitable habitats with a view to preventing the coastal erosion.