Two Philippine Navy ships arrive at the port of Colombo

Philippine Navy ships" BRP Davao Delsur" and “ BRP Remon Alcaraz” arrived at the port of Colombo to accompany a group of Philippine nationals staying in Sri Lanka, in the morning today (29th May 2020) and SL Navy assisted for this diplomatic mission.

The two ships arrived here to accompany a group of Philippine nationals who had to stay in Sri Lanka due to the termination of international flights all over the world as a result of COVID-19 epidemic, while employed and visiting Sri Lanka as tourists. The Philippine Navy ships also obtained their supply requirement from the Colombo harbour. Under this epidemic situation, following all standard healthcare guidelines, no crewmember was allowed to disembark from the Philippine ships and all returning Philippine nationals were fully sterilized before they get onboard the ships.

The ships are scheduled to set off the port of Colombo on 30th May.