Navy Officer undergoing treatment for Leptospirosis at Navy General Hospital passed away

A Navy Officer who was undergoing treatment for Leptospirosis at Intensive Care Unit in Navy General Hospital, Welisara passed away, on 25th April 2020.

The succumbed officer, Lieutenant Commander(VNF) Dodamwala Gedara Sunil Bandara Dodamwala who was attached to Naval Headquarters, is a resident of Galenbindunuwewa area aged 35. He had been admitted to Navy General Hospital (CBO) for treatment an illness.

Upon the admission of this officer, doctors had diagnosed that he was infected with Leptospirosis. Moreover, during the tests carried out with the spread of COVID-19 in Welisara Naval Complex, doctors confirmed that the officer was not positive to COVID-19. Later on, due to the critical complications whilst under treatment for Leptospirosis in ICU, the officer passed away on 25th April 2020.

Although, it has been identified that coronavirus is not the cause for this death, since the prevailing situation in Welisara Naval Complex, the funeral of this officer has been ordered by Judicial Medical Officer-Ragama to be held as a cremation of a dead one caused to COVID-19. Accordingly, the officer’s funeral is due to be held under those conditions with the Naval tributes.