Navy apprehends 07 persons with 2450 illegally harvested sea cucumber

The Navy apprehended 07 persons who were illegally harvesting sea cucumber in the sea area off Allaipiddy, Jaffna today (21st February 2020).

The Navy has been conducting regular operations to avert illegal activities at sea and during a similar operation conducted by Naval personnel attached to Northern Naval Command, in the sea area off Allaipiddy, Jaffna, they managed to take these 07 suspects into custody for engaging in diving to illegally harvest sea cucumber. Along with the suspects 2450 illegally harvested sea cucumbers, two dinghies, and a few diving gear were seized by the Navy.

The apprehended persons have been identified as residents of Gurunagar area, from 33 to 46 years of age. The suspects together with sea cucumber, two dinghies and other diving gear were handed over to the Assistant Director of Fisheries- Jaffna for onward investigation