Navy releases sea turtle hatchlings into ocean

The Navy has been instrumental in bringing about initiatives for the conservation of sea turtles which have been classified as threatened or endangered species. As part of these initiatives, the Navy has been conducting a wide range of of sea turtle conservation projects, under the directives of Commander of the Navy and Steering Committee Head of Marine and Eco Friendly Projects, Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva.

Accordingly, the Navy released about 40 sea turtle hatchlings into ocean from the beach behind Rapid Action Boat Squadron’s Rear Training Area in Kalutara. The turtle eggs were found at the above beach area and they were let to be hatched at the same location by the Navy. As a result of regular beach cleaning and conservation drives by the Navy, it is noticed that sea turtles are now arriving at beaches which were less frequented by this marine animal.

Having realized the importance of the conservation of aquatic ecosystems and its resources, the Navy is playing a pivotal role in performing aforesaid tasks, utilizing its skilled manpower geared up spiritedly for the preservation of ocean’s resources.