Navy launches further cooperate social responsibility work-Navy’s mission in transforming the Galle Face Green into a plastic free zone

The Galle Face Green and the beach area which is most attracted by both local and foreign tourists, is heavily polluted by plastic and polythene substances. As a solution for this problem, Sri Lanka Navy took initiative to place creatively and beautifully produced garbage bins at the Galle Face Green, today (07th January 2020).

SL Navy is much concern of the non degradable waste, plastic and polythene, and placed these creative garbage bins as a social responsibility project to prevent the disorganized garbage disposal of general public. Since these bins have been produced similar to a fish dummy people are attracted by them. Through this initiative, SL Navy expects to create a waste free environment at the Galle Face Green and beach which may be crowed by the local and foreign visitors.

Further, SL Navy produce fancy items, flower pots, fence posts, and interlocks for gardens by recycling collected polythene and plastic and Navy also maintain few pre processing centers for plastic recycling.

By conducting such programmes Navy wish to keep Sri Lanka a country free of plastic and polythene waste and it’s our responsibility to assist these efforts.