Navy assists apprehension of 04 persons for illegal fishing

The Navy with Fisheries Office of Galle apprehended 04 persons for engaging in illegal fishing in seas off Dodanduwa on 05th January 2020.

The Navy has been conducting operations in waters around the island to prevent depletion of fish and ocean resources caused by illegal fishing practices. During a similar operation conducted with the assistance of the Fisheries Office of Galle, the Navy apprehended these 04 persons who engaged in light course fishing off Dodanduwa. Along with the suspects, 03 dinghies, LED bulbs and batteries used for this illegal fishing method were also seized.

The accused have been identified as residents of Galle, Akmeemana and Dodanduwa, aged 36, 42 and 58. The Assistant Directorate of Fisheries of Galle is conducting further investigation with regard to the apprehended persons and other seized items.