Navy apprehends a group of illegal migrants

Sri Lanka Navy apprehended 04 Sri Lankans who were on an illegal attempt to migrate via sea routes, were apprehended by the Navy during a special operation carried out at Padikei area in Trincomalee, on 30th December 2019.

Further, the trawler they planned to use was recovered at the Okanda Kunukala prohibited beach in Panama. In further investigation, it was revealed that about 50 other persons were on the illegal migration attempt and the Navy continues search for other suspects. It is believed that these suspects have abandoned the migration attempt and returned due to the routine patrols conduced by the Navy. Sri Lanka Navy in coordination with SL Police carry out further investigation about the incident.

Since it is impossible for illegal migrants and human smugglers to break the shackles of the Navy and flee free, such attempts have been minimized.