854.1 kg of Beedi leaves recovered during a Naval raid

854.1kg of Beedi leaves has been recovered during raids conducted by Sri Lanka Navy across Mannar and Mulathivu on 29th and 30th November.

The raids which were carried out on 29th November by naval personnel attached to North Central Naval Command, recovered 06 parcels abandoned on the coastal line of Thunukkai, Mulathivu, and upon inspection, discovered 234.1kg of Beedi leaves. The content has been handed over to customs office-Jaffna.

Further, during the raids carried out on the dawn of 30th November, naval personnel were able to recover 17 parcels of Beedi leaves weighing in at 620kg, hidden within a bush near the coast of Oluthuduwai, Mannar. Four persons, aged 38, 42 and 43 from Kalpitiya and Kandakkuliya have been apprehended in connection with the incident, and handed over to customs office-Jaffna along with the parcels for further investigations.

Sri Lanka Navy has been carrying out frequent patrols along the territorial waters and coastal line in order to foil the attempts of smuggling across the sea and coastal areas around the island. Owing to the committed and vigilant duties conducted by Naval personnel most of these smuggling attempts have been seized and perpetrators have been apprehended. In this year alone, more than 55 Tons of Beedi leaves illegally smuggled into the country have been seized by Sri Lanka Navy on 82 occasions and 78 perpetrators have been apprehended and handed over to authorities.