Navy-Police joint anti-drug operation in eradicating the drug menace from the island

During a joint operation conducted by the Navy and Police, a woman was apprehended for producing local liquor and keeping Kerala cannabis in the possession, on 28th December 2019.

The Navy, being an active partner in undertaking operations to make a drug-free society, conducted a combined operation with the Police STF to search a house in Selvanagar area in Kilinochchi and recovered equipment used to produce local liquor, inside the house. Twenty (20) litre of locally produced liquor were also found there.

By further inquiry, 2 kg of Kerala cannabis hidden in the house were recovered. A motor bike used for transporting KG were also identified. Accordingly, the owner remained at the house, a barrel, other gears, motor bike and drugs were taken into custody.

The apprehended woman is a resident of the same area aged 29. The suspect along with the local liquor, KG, motor bike and other gears were handed over to the Kilinochchi Police for onward investigation.

Further, under the able guidance and directives of Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva, the Navy throws its full weight behind to combat drug trafficking in the island as well as off the shore, in support of the drug prevention national programme