Navy recovers a haul of beedi leaves

The Navy recovered 303kg and 900g of beedi leaves during a search in the beach area of Iluppukadavai this morning (29th November 2019).

The haul of beedi leaves left behind at theIluppukadavaibeach had been recovered during a naval search operation. The stock of beedi leaves which were in 08 packages will be handed over to the Customs of Jaffna for onward investigation.

During recent search operations conducted by the Navy, large quantities of abandoned beedi leaves have been found in the North Central Naval Area. It is believed that racketeers might have abandoned those consignments in fear of regular naval patrols. Further, the Navy will continue to remain vigilant to prevent nefarious activities taking place in island’s waters. The stock of Beedi leaves which had been apprehended by the Navy is over 50 tons, as at to date.