Over 224kg of drugs seized by Navy in southern seas

The Navy seized a multiday fishing trawler believed to have been carrying over a 224kg - haul of heroin, in southern seas of Sri Lanka on 03rd November 2019.

The Navy during a special operation in the seas off Galle has spotted a suspicious multiday fishing trawler and searched the vessel. Accordingly, the Navy managed to find this haul of drugs in the vessel. Five Sri Lankan nationals onboard were also held by the Navy, during this operation. Meanwhile, two persons who are believed to be suspects arrived at the location by a dinghy to collect drugs were also nabbed. Accordingly, 07 suspects have been apprehended during this naval operation.

It is believed that the suspects have attempted to smuggle the drugs haul to the island via sea route. The seized drugs and vessel along with the suspects will be handed over to the Police Narcotic Bureau (PNB) for onward investigation. This year alone, the Navy has seized about 739kg of heroin during its operations.

Apart from that, the Navy, being an active member of the National Programme for Drug Prevention, has also seized 3 tons (3,263kg) of Kerala cannabis, 08kg of local cannabis, 42 tons (42,851kg) of beedi leaves and a large consignment of drugs attempted to be smuggled or peddled in the country, during 2019.

Besides, the Navy constantly receives international assistance for raids carried out to bust drug smuggling and that assistance has been vital in successful execution of such operations in a broad manner. Further, the Navy will continue to carry out its operations to prevent the drug menace in the country as well as drug smuggling off the shores, joining hands with the national endeavour to make a drug free society.