36 kg of Beedi leaves recovered

A haul of 36kg of Beedi leaves which were floating in the Northern seas were recovered by fishermen on 2nd August 2019 and they hand over that haul of Beedi leaves to SLNS Wasaba in Delft Island.

Accordingly, the haul of Beedi leaves which were handed over to the Navy by fishermen, was handed over to Customs Office-Jaffna for onward investigation. Also, Navy found 50 kg of Beedi leaves during patrols carried out by naval personnel in the seas off Kachchativu island and Northern seas, on 31st July 2019.

Since the positive contribution of this nature given by the fisheries folk in favour of patrols carried out by the Navy to net the drug traffickers, they will be in trouble paving the way for a drugs free society. Further, Navy keeps the continuous vigilant eye to avert the illegal activities across and around the seas.