An ill fisherman rushed ashore by Navy for treatment

Sri Lanka Navy promptly sprang into action to rush a fisherman who had suddenly fallen ill, ashore for treatment today (31st March). The patient was aboard the multi day fishing trawler ‘Madushn Putha’ which had left the Galle fishing harbour for fishing on 29th March.

In response to information given by the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources about the patient, a Fast Attack Craft (FAC) attached to the Southern Naval Command was promptly dispatched to retrieve the patient. Accordingly, the patient was transferred safely to the FAC at the seas about 64 nautical miles off the Galle lighthouse and was rushed ashore while administrating him first aid. Upon arrival at the harbour, he was rushed to the Teaching Hospital of Karapitiya for further treatment.

Being the first responder to arrive and provide assistance at the scene of an emergency at sea, the Navy will continue to assist and rescue the fisher folk and seamen onboard merchant ships who face numerous challenging situations at sea.