Navy conducts VBSS course for foreign defence partners

A Visit Board Search and Seizure (VBSS) Course for the Coast Guard, Police and Customs officials of Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippine commenced at the Special Boat Squadron (SBS) Headquarters in Trincomalee yesterday (19th November 2018). The opening address of the course was held in the presence of Captain Aruna Weerasinghe, the Commanding Officer Special Boat Squadron and the Maritime Law Enforcement mentors from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Programme.

The two week-long course organized for the third time by the Sri Lanka Navy in coordination with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Programme, is attended by a total of 20 officials from above countries. Accordingly, 08 Customs officials of Indonesia, 08 Coast Guard officers of Malaysia, 02 Coast Guard and 02 Police officers of Philippine are attending the 3rd VBSS course. During the course, the participants are expected to hone their knowledge mainly on drug identification, drug transferring methods and planning, preparation and boarding procedures.

Making the world safer from drugs, crimes and terrorism, UNODC is a global leader in the fight against such activities and is mandated to assist member states in their struggle against illicit drugs, drug trafficking, maritime crime, terrorism and human trafficking. On a related note the Special Boat Squadron is a key player who has got a wealth of knowledge and experiences in dealing with VBSS tasks onboard ships and craft.