Navy assists to bring a critically ill patient ashore

Sri Lanka Navy promptly assisted to bring ashore a fisherman who had fallen on a heart stroke onboard the fishing trawler “Laksiri 04” which had left Gandara fisheries harbour on last 5th November.

In response to information given by Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, immediately reacted SL Navy deployed a Fast Attack Craft to rescue the patient. Meanwhile, “Viswa Vije” an Indian merchant ship which had observed the distressed fishermen, had brought the patient onboard their vessel. Later on, the patient was safely transferred to the SL Naval craft by the Indian ship at the seas 7 nautical miles off Foul Point.

Accordingly, the patient was safely brought to the Dockyard-Trincomalee onboard the FAC and then admitted to General Hospital-Trincomalee for emergency medical treatment.