Navy renders assistance to rescue 6 fishermen on distressed trawler

Sri Lanka Navy rendered assistance to 6 fishermen on a distressed multiday fishing trawler, ‘Dinu Putha’. The rescued fishermen were brought to the Hambantota harbour, onboard SLNS Sagara this morning (09, August). The fishing trawler was adrift in the southern sea area following an engine failure.

The trawler had ventured out to waters from the Hambantota harbour on 21st July and succumbed to this unfortunate situation in the seas about 240 nm off from the coast.

Upon receiving the distress call, Navy swiftly dispatched the naval ship, SLNS Sagara patrolling in the region to rescue the fishermen on the distressed trawler. Due to the rough sea condition prevailed, naval personnel prevented from towing the trawler but safely transferred the 6 distressed fishermen onboard SLN ship and brought them to Hambantota harbour. Subsequently, the first aid and other basic requirements needed for the fishermen were also administered by the ship’s crew.