Sri Lanka Navy bestows 04 more Reverse Osmosis

With the supreme guidance of the Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne, Sri Lanka Navy has been implementing a wide range of community service projects. The installation of RO plants in the areas prone to the Kidney disease is one of the many such noble projects undertaken to provide poor communities with purified drinking water. Reverse Osmosis plants were declared open at Ridimaliyadda Bubula, Gamunupura, Senevigama and Kuruvithenna Vidyalaya for community use today. (04,August)

The facility erected at the village Bubula .is capable of processing drinking water for 325 families in the area, and the Ro unit at Gamunupura will produce safe drinking water for 389 families. The RO plant at Kuruvithanna Vidyalaya , 320 school children and 450 families close by are blessed with safe drinking water. Financial allocation for the RO units installed at this area was made by the Presidential Task Force on Prevention of Chronic Kidney Disease

As a result of the Engineering excellence of the Naval Research and Development Unit, the Navy has installed 246 RO plants across the country to date, facilitating over 117,564 families and 81,636 school children with safe drinking water. Further, the Navy is determined to fulfil the necessity of providing the purifying water and will continue to set up more RO plants in due course.