Twenty six (26) Special Boat Squadron personnel pass out in Trincomalee

Twenty six (26) Special Boat Squadron personnel belonging to the 23rd and 24th Intakes of the Special Boat Squadron (SBS), the elite force of the Sri Lanka Navy, passed out at the SBS Headquarters located at the Naval Dockyard Trincomalee, on successful completion of their training today (20). Among the passed out naval personnel were 3 officers and 23 sailors.

The passing out together with insignia pinning ceremony held today, was graced by the founder of the Special Boat Squadron and Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne. This impressive passing out ceremony which was held under the theme of ‘Some men fear the sea and the sea fears some men’ was inclusive of a wide range of exercises and display featured by SBS personnel making use of their hard earned skills and competencies.

Those who excelled during training were presented with special awards in recognition of their outstanding performances by the Commander of the Navy. Accordingly, Ordinary Seaman WATH Samaranayaka form the 23rd SBS Intake who gained the highest aggregate in overall subjects was adjudged the Most Excellent SBS member. Besides, Ordinary Seaman DPGAN Jayasena and Ordinary Seaman TMRM Chandrasekara from the same intake received awards for the Best Marksman and SBS member with Highest Physical Endurance. Similarly, Sub Lieutenant RKB Dissanayake was adjudged the Most Excellent SBS member from the 24th Intake. Meanwhile Sub Lieutenant MS Jayalath received the award for his achievement of highest aggregate in overall subjects. Ordinary Seaman PSAP Dissanayake and Ordinary Seaman JMPC Sanjeewa claimed awards for the Best Marksman and SBS member with Highest Physical Endurance respectively.

Addressing the gathering, the Commander of the Navy, as the founding father of this elite fighting unit of the Sri Lanka Navy, expressed his utmost pleasure for being able to attend the passing out and SBS insignia pinning ceremony of this group of SBS personnel who successfully completed their arduous training. Further, he noted that, starting as a small fighting element in 1993, the SBS had grown in stature to become a more formidable and well organized fighting outfit for the preservation of independence and territorial integrity of the motherland. Besides, Vice Admiral Wijegunaratne mentioned that, the unit had executed a number of operations with first class valour until the end of destructive war. Congratulating the 26 SBS personnel being passed out, he urged them to undertake the noble duty of serving the motherland as a fully-fledged SBS member and highlighted the importance of serving the Navy with highest standard of professionalism and discipline acquired through their training.

Mereover, the Commander of the Navy also extended his sincere thanks to the parents for giving the consent to their beloved children to serve the motherland with a noble resolve. He also thanked the Commanding Officer and all officer and sailor instructors of the SBS for their untiring effort and commitment they had made to forge this group of elite personnel.

Going by the motto of the Special Boat Squadron, Fortune Favours the Brave, the elite force of the Sri Lanka Navy has been extremely influential in protecting the independence and territorial integrity of the island nation over the years. Moreover, they had tremendously contributed for the elimination of ruthless terrorism from the country, during the 3 decades of war that severely battered the country. Above all, the Special Boat Squadron is capable of confusing the enemy in unprecedented manner in clandestine operations disturbing the enemy’s war fighting capability and opening operational advantage to conventional forces. Further, it is always a force multiplier on land, sea or from air making the enemy fighting mechanism defenceless in the hands of skilful SBS personnel.

The occasion was also attended by Commander Eastern Naval Area, Rear Admiral Travis Sinniah, Commander Northern Naval Area, Rear Admiral Piyal De Silva, Director Generals, senior officers, parents of passed out naval personnel and sailors.