Sri Lanka Navy intercepts a suspicious ship in the Southern Seas

At the request of the Sri Lanka Customs, Sri Lanka Navy in coordination with Sri Lanka Coast Guard intercepted and boarded a bulk carrier in the seas 7.5 nautical miles off Galle in the early hours of 29th June.

The vessel had left Colombo anchorage without proper clearance amidst investigations of Sri Lanka Customs. Subsequently the custom officials sought the assistance of the Navy for the seizure of the vessel. Accordingly the interception was made in the Southern Seas along with a crew of 27 onboard. Subsequently two Sri Lanka Navy Fast Attack Craft were dispatched from Galle along with Sri Lanka Coast Guard and custom officials. Upon reaching the location, the suspicious ship was boarded by Sri Lankan officials. Assuming the control over the crew of the vessel by Sri Lanka Customs’ officials, Naval and Coast Guard personnel had disembarked from the ship leaving further action to the Sri Lanka Customs.