Navy pledges its commitment to preservation of hard-won peace and nation building

Commencing the activities of the Year 2016 on an auspicious note, personnel of the Sri Lanka Navy pledged their commitment to preservation of hard-won peace and nation building. They made this pledge when they took the oath of allegiance to public service on 01st January 2016 at a ceremony presided over by the Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne at the Naval Headquarters.

Addressing the Naval personnel, the Commander of the Navy wished all a happy and prosperous new year and commended the service they had rendered in the past year fulfilling the country’s aspirations. He also requested all naval personnel to perform their duties with commitment, dedication and integrity extending their fullest assistance to the development of the motherland.

Oath/ Affirmation of the Public Service

Today, the first of January of year 2016,

marks the commencement of a new year of which the Democratic Socialist Republic of

Sri Lanka makes the expectations of people of the country a reality

I, an employee paid by the public do hereby swear/ affirm to perform each and every way

the role entrusted to me in the implementation of public policies and goals,



with firm determination,

and utmost dedication,


and with loyalty to the public,

with a view to meet the challenges of developing the motherland which flourishes as one

country, one nation under one flag with unity and harmony and to make the effort of

creating a better tomorrow with a new economic and social order for the benefit of all Sri

Lankans, during this new year commencing today.