Three Indian fishermen in distress rescued by Sri Lanka Navy

A naval craft on patrol in the seas north west of Thalai-mannar sighted a sinking Indian trawler, Paleiperiyal on 26th September 2015. Three Indian fishermen, who were in the sea, were rescued by the SLN craft since their trawler had been sinking by the time  it arrived and it was not in a position to rescue the sunk trawler. The timely action taken by the SLN craft saved the lives of the Indian fishermen, who are  aged 50, 53 and 56, as there had been no other fishing trawlers in the vicinity to render assistance.

The rescued fishermen, hailing from Rameswaram, were safely brought to Thalai-mannar harbour and provided with food and refreshments as they were found highly exhausted.

Sri Lanka Navy extends its assistance to Indian fishermen on humanitarian grounds when they are found in distress in Sri Lankan waters. During the past  week alone, the SLN has rescued 09 Indian fishermen along with two Indian trawlers in the Sri Lankan seas off Analativu and Iranativu. The trawlers and the fishermen were safely escorted to the IMBL after treating them and attending to possible repairs of their vessels.