Admiral Colombage delivers a special lecture on “Non-state Actors and Hybrid Warfare”

At the invitation extended by the Commander of the Sri Lanka Navy, Vice Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne, a former Commander of the Navy, Admiral Jayanath Colombage delivered a lecture at the Somatilake Dissanayake Auditorium of SLNS Parakrama in Colombo on 03rd September 2015 on the topic of “Non-state Actors and Hybrid Warfare”. The Commander of the Navy, the Chief of Staff and Director Generals of the Naval Headquarters along with a large number of senior and junior naval officers were present to listen to the informative lecture.    

The well-attended lecture covered many aspects with regard to the roles played by the non-state actors in the present context and their negative and positive impacts on the inter-dependent global system. Explaining the concept of hybrid warfare, the Admiral elaborated its nature and unpredictable threats to the global peace which have to be addressed through a combination of innovative and adaptive capabilities.   

Addressing the gathering at the end of the presentation, the Commander of the Navy stated that he would arrange more lectures in the future in order to enhance the knowledge of the naval officers on various fields. In appreciation of his acceptance of the invitation to deliver the well-presented lecture, the Commander presented a memento to Admiral Colombage, conveying his best wishes for all his future endeavours.