Navy Ruggerites of the 1980s convey their best wishes to Navy Commander

A group comprising of fifteen retired Navy ruggerites of the 1980s called on the Commander of the Navy Vice Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne at the Naval Headquarters on 07th August 2015 to convey their best wishes. The group included Lieutenant Commander MBA Bandaranayake, Master Chief Petty Officer UK Ranjith, Master Chief Petty Officer NPJ Piyarathna, Fleet Chief Petty Officer RDU Wijerathna, Fleet Chief Petty Officer NWMSS Nawarathna, Fleet Chief Petty Officer M Sherifdeen, Chief Petty Officer PGGN Wijerathna, Chief Petty Officer AAC Ranathunga, Petty Officer TSM Bingalif, Petty Officer RL Priyantha, Petty Officer NASA Perera, Leading Seaman P Hatharaliyadda, Leading Seaman WMUP Fernando, Able Seaman KLUL De Silva and Able Seaman WL Karunarathna.

During the cordial discussion, the group pledged their whole-hearted support to uplift rugby in the Navy under the watchful supervision of Vice Admiral Wijegunaratne, who possesses a wealth of knowledge about the game both as a veteran player as well as an efficient administrator.

The former Navy ruggerites also posed for a group photograph to mark the memorable occasion. The Commander, wishing each and every one happiness and good health, presented them with special mementos as a mark of appreciation of their courtesy visit and the commendable dedication to uplift rugby in the navy in the 1980s.