Navy changes internal telephone numbering system

Sri Lanka Navy internal numbering plan was changed from four digits to five digits in two phases: phase one covering Western, Southern and South Eastern Naval Areas on 20th July 2015 and phase two covering Eastern, Northern, North Western and North Central Naval areas on 27th July 2015.

The new number series is as follows:

Naval Headquarters 11xxx, 12xxx, 14xxx, 15xxx
Western Naval Command 13xxx, 16xxx
Southern Naval Command 18xxx, 19xxx
South Eastern Naval Command 17xxx
Eastern Naval Command 61xxx, 62xxx, 66xxx, 67xxx
North Western Naval Command 64xxx
North Central Naval Command 65xxx
Northern Naval Command 68xxx, 69xxx

When dialling the Navy extensions from outside networks, following prefixes are to be used.

a.Extensions starting with 1 - 01122xxxx
b.Extensions starting with 6 - 02622xxxx