The Naval & Maritime Academy commemorates naval personnel

The Naval and Maritime Academy commemorated its personnel, who sacrificed their lives during the enemy artillery attack on the troops carrying naval ship "Jet Liner', which was entering Trincomalee harbor on 01st August 2006. The commemoration took place at the NMA premises on 01st August 2015 with the attendance of the Commandant, Commodore YN Jayarathne, the staff and the trainees of the NMA.

At the invitation of the Academy, the parents of the late Leading Seaman LTC Perera attended the commemoration ceremony, representing the families of all the naval personnel who had sacrificed their lives on that tragic day. During the ceremony, Commander EAIP Edirisinghe and Petty Officer WA Lakmuthu, who sustained injuries during the attack, related their harrowing experience, paying tribute to those who died in the enemy attack. Floral tributes were laid by the parents of the late Leading Seaman Silva, the Commandant, the Commanding Officer and the most senior and the most junior sailor of the Academy in honour of the fallen naval personnel.

Speaking at the commemorative ceremony, the Commandant of the Naval and Maritime Academy stated that it is our bounden duty to pay tribute to the departed comrades as they all have left us valuable lessons to learn. Advising the next generation of naval personnel, he requested them to learn from the past in order to be ready for tomorrow.

The fall of artillery rounds on the naval personnel, caused the deaths of  Petty Officer WKSNK DE Silva, Leading Seaman EWMNS Boyagoda ,  Leading Seaman LTC Silva , Leading Seaman EAR Sandaruwan and Leading Seaman MMNC Medawala  and injured 29 naval personnel.